Chocolate Dump-It Cake

I’d like to say the reason only half of the cake is showing is for composition. Truth is, half of the cake was still stuck in the pan. (I was too light on the butter and flour during pan preparation, I suppose.)


But all that doesn’t matter because the cake tastes good. Even while forking it out of said pan. And even if it’s name contains ‘Dump-It’. So good, in fact, my un-sweet-toothed husband nearly lick his plate clean. That’s high praise. I discovered this cake just before my husband’s birthday, and it was convenient that Ms. Hesser described it has her family’s go-to birthday cake.


On top of being delicious, it’s simple and the ingredients are likely already in your kitchen. The batter comes together in one saucepan, adding ingredient after ingredient.┬áThe icing recipe deserves a post in itself. A 1:1 ratio of melted bittersweet chocolate chips and sour cream, it’s perfectly sweet and tangy.


One of the best recipes I’ve come across in this book yet.


Recipe on page 781

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